A Day in the Life of a Writer

Preparation is the key to success? If you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Anyway, this burning anxiety in me will be doused with getting everything as ready as it can be.

1st this morning I am doing a fitness workout called Insanity, I want to be very fit for my rehearsal period. My physical preparations include, doing ‘Insanity’ 2-3 times per week to improve my fitness, Zumba 2 times per week to improve my rhythm and co-ordination and running 2 times a week for stamina. Actually I also really enjoy this regime, all the endorphins I get form the physical activities combats stress, gives me loads of energy and makes me me feel I can conquer the world.

Yesterday  I was sent a proof of my poetry book via email. I need to print it out and check it!!!! exciting. After exercises and shower, I will sit an pour over it for errors before signing it off for the printers. I am looking forward to getting the 1st Proof from the printers and I will do a standard, posing with the book shot for social media. Hahaha, corny I know but what the hell, it’s my version of me with my baby snapshot.

After proofing the book I will start on final preparations for my play.

I need to make sure the script is as good as it possibly can before I start memorising it. I think I want a more action filled and explosive ending. well, perhaps not explosive, what I mean, is , it has to have an impact.  The end is so important.

Anyway, to make sure it script is tight, I have some ammunition. 2 books, one is called ‘The Writers Journey, Mythic Structure for Writers’ apparently this book is required reading for movie executives, screen writers, and playwrights. The other is simply called Writing a Play’  written by award winning playwrights Lesley Bown and Ann Gawthorpe. I’m going to get into these and then revisit my Script.

Then when my 10 year old son returns from school,  we are going to the Manchester University Student Union cafe and bookshop. We are going to have Toasted Tea Cakes, I’ll have a delicious Mocha and he’ll have a hot chocolate, and we are gonna just sit and talk, maybe have a game of cards. Hahaha. Squeeze in some quality time with my young man, hahaha. Seriously though, he will fly away some day, and we will both remember the times we used to sit in the Cafe, talking about Sponge Bob, dreams of being a footballer and dreams of poetry and performance becoming reality.

Right Exercise time. See you on the other side xxx


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