A Delicious Day

I am looking forward to a delicious day of reading ‘Something Dark’ By Lemn Sissay. It is published  in Hidden Gems by Oberon Books. I am going to take notes on the technique he uses in his craft of a narrative and expression of emotion. Then look at ‘The Writer Journey, Mythic Structure for Writers’ by Christopher Vogler and ‘Writing a Play’ By publishers Teach Yourself. Checking the most relacant chapters. I will use what I learn to assess if there are any improvement I can make to my text for performance.

How do I make any money sitting at home like this you may ask. Well firstly, this is an investment in the future. If my text is as best as it can be, and the performance is as wonderful as can be, then people will book the show to tour in their venues. And this is where the income shall come from.

I have some booking lined up to do African Storytelling for Z-Arts, which makes me relax a little. I love this work because I get to celebrate my Africannes whilst making children’s faces light up with delight. They are the future.

In between bookings, I will searching my text and making any improvements, revisions needed, with advice and guidance from my director and my dramturg. I will also set aside time to work on my web presence and also market my creative writing workshops. The workshops are the bread and butter between performance tours.

On the horizon are also some seminars, 22nd of January is a  PANDA (Performing Arts Network and Development Agency) workshop on rural touring. also ‘Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Noticed’ an Apples and Snakes workshop on marketing your performance poetry is one on the 2nd of February. I booked in for those, which is handy.

So its all gravy as far as I am concerned. Got to do my physical excersise though. 30 minute running in a frozen park to kick start the day and get the blood flowing, follwed by a hot shower. Then with my brain fully alive, I will delve into my text.


Love to all.


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