Plant Fetish

Plant Fetish’, a solo female performance featuring an array of tropical plants as the hareem. It is an autobiographical work exploring the past as a means of re-writing the future, work that is about discoveries and epiphanies.

I was suffering with stress and anxiety and happened upon a book called ‘Plant Style’ that explained that plants reduce stress, increase creativity and productivity. Whilst scrolling the web I see single women in Mexico have given up on men and decided to marry trees instead. Their new grooms aren’t very talkative, but they are tall, do great things for the planet and are renowned for their wood… so I surrender to it and go nuts for plants. This show is about that journey and what I learnt. 

I want to inspire others to foster a new understanding about achieving fulfilment in life that is not based on capitalism or societal pressure. Metaphors of, growth, blossoming, seed, money will also intersperse between memories of passionate relationships that combust like fireworks. A small to mid-scale show, combining the power of words, the pictoral and abstract nature of live art and the use of VJ projection, psychedelic lighting and music to create something visually, aurally and conceptually beautiful. This show aims to be funny, tragic and magical, like life itself.

I have been sharing the concept of Plant Festish on my social media platforms which has received a great response. I was selected to do an experimental performance of Plant Fetish at Emergency, a live art festival in 2018, I was also selected to perform a work in development sharing of Plant Fetish at the PUSH festival in HOME Jan 2019