Week of Inspiration

Dramaturge: The writer’s friend

Met with Dramaturge Louise Wallwein about script for ‘Amsterdam’   She taught me to fall in love with my work, with the process, with my art,. Now I am so excited to be embarking on a love affair with creativity.

The Secret Life of You and Me’ 

Met with the wonderful Juliet Ellis, Darren Pritchard and Sonia Hughes and went to the Lowry Theatre to seeIt was so wonderful to be around talented, passionate and creative people. I can’t wait to spend a month working with this beautiful team. Lowri’s show was surprising, brilliantly funny and full of invulnerability  Just beautiful. When you look around your life and see people you admire, you know the path you took, lead you to be among greatness. This is good omen.

‘Get Seen, Get Heard, Get Noticed’

I went to this Apples and Snakes Seminar lead by Tony Walsh.  The thing I learnt the most from this was, enjoy. Yes Enjoy!!! Don’t stress, worry, have kittens about your career as an artist, but take the time to enjoy it. Also I learnt to follow people you want to get booked by on twitter and make lists.

Manchester Art Gallery

Went with my best friend Phoebe and we laughed so hard at my discovery via the world wide web that tantric masturbation as the path to enlightenment. hahaha. I also saw some Banksy, some Turner seascapes and had a glass of wine in the Northern Quarter.



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