Why Now?

Why Blog? Why Now?

2013 is  going to be a really exciting year for me as an artist.  It’s a transitional time in my career and in my life, its so strange that after a lifetime of dreaming, things are coming together.

I can hardly believe it myself, I always dreamed of having a collection of poetry published and now it’s finally happening. I also dreamed of being choreographed by Darren Pritchard (there is a dancer in me), it’s happening!!! I dreamed of working with top musicians and Jason Singh agreed to work with me to do music for my show. Juliet Ellis is a director of both film and theatre and she is directing the stage performance of Amsterdam!!!

It’s all a story waiting to unravel: will the book be a huge success? will it change my life? If so, how? what will come of it? How will the performance show progress? Will my Arts Council Funding bid be a success? Will my new stage show be well received? Can I tour? Is it possible for me to travel the country and travel the world with my art?  what’s going to happen?

I hope this Blog will be interesting for people who want to see how I develop, and also it can also act as a tool for other aspiring poets,, and performance artists. You can learn from my successes and also from my mistakes. Also you can be inspired to follow your dreams and see how I did it.

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