Celestial Bisexual

New Performance in Development

‘Celestial Bisexual’ a multimedia solo performance that combines imagery captured by NASA’s advanced telescopes  projected in an arts space to combined with dance, movement & epic poetry that embodies female sexual empowerment from a queer bi/pan perspective alongside  championing work by Black, Disabled women. We are still celestial bodies.  This is combining western science with African ancestral belief systems. 

Exploring the way galaxies collide, supernovae occur, stars incubate in a stellar nurseries, black holes consume matter, space craft probe,  asteroid belts exist around constellations of desire. I want to use this as a metaphor, poetically and visually for the experience of eros

Lesbian Sexual Desire Feels Like:

Different spiral galaxies
Different irregular galaxies
The planet Venus, Saturn
The moon orbiting the earth
The moon by itself

Galaxies colliding/ galaxies merging
Blue galaxies/ pink Galaxies
A galaxy being absorbed by another galaxy
2 galaxies gradually, intimately merging into one

Sexual Desire for a Man Feels Like:

A rocket ready to take off
A rocket taking off
Several different rockets taking off
Rockets in space, detaching their booster packs
All systems are go, 5,4, 3, 2, 1, lift off

The big bang,
the inflation of the universe
The milky way galaxy
Pulsars, Supernovas
The sun, Solar flares
Stars more massive than the sun

Bisexual Oasis

Being bi-sexual
How is it bliss?
You are able to experience
the deep pleasures of sexual desire
Of the opposite AND
the deep pleasures of sexual desire
Of the same sex

I know how it feels to be both
I know how it feels to be all
I have double desire
Double the pleasure of having 2 eyes