Chanje does public speaking at conferences, events in arts and culture contexts. She also gives talks at colleges, universities and community settings.

Talks on careers in the creative industries and how to raise finance for your creative output, are aimed mostly at students in further education, emerging artists, as well as young people in the community. Arts and Wellbeing talks are given for organisations that are looking to inspire their staff and or clientele to utilise creativity for their own betterment, and the betterment of those around them.

In 2019 she was a speaker at Diverse Actions conference ‘Skin in The Game’. She was given the provocation ‘Art and culture produces anti-blackness in its central remit to demonstrate the universal superiority of European culture.’ This talk was a response to that provocation; it aimed to shed light on cultural hegemony and what collectively can be done to bring about true racial equality within the arts and culture sector.

Chanje also lead a talk on Black Mental Health for Eclipse theatre. In a society where stigma around mental health issues, means many black people (who already feel stigmatised because of race) do not admit to issues and therefore, do not get the help they need to lead fulfilling lives and achieve self actualisation. Reducing stigma around mental health through the arts, is an innovative way to address this problem, and Chanje shared her experiences of making artistic work that addresses these issues. Mental health issues are an opportunity to learn more about oneself, an opportunity for growth, and an opportunity for self reflection and self care.