Reclaim the Night

‘Reclaim the Night’ by playwright and performance artist Chanje Kunda is an ambitious idea for an outdoor performance that celebrates female sexual empowerment poetry, performance, projection, pyrotechnics. Chanje Kunda will tell the story of female sexual empowerment the way an astronomer guides us through the night sky. Constellations to meteor showers, can be a metaphor for an exploration of the beautiful and out of this worldness of female sexuality. Physiology of the female anatomy as a portal to another dimension, as magical as the galactic beauty of the night.

Female sexuality and sensuality’s depiction in the media and in the public domain is exploited, commodified and is typically demeaning and degrading and viewed as being without class. This representation belies the phenomenal nature of women, the ultimate truth of the sacred nature of our sexuality, the miraculousness of our physicality and the celestial nature of our bodies. This show aims for people to know that, but also to know where we’re all of that and so much more.

Chanje wants to be able to take all the subjugation women have had, burn it down and rise into the new dawn.
‘I feel like to somehow Reclaim the Night is all about reclaiming myself, reclaiming my body and reclaiming my right to know joy and to experience joy. That necessarily means the joy of inhabiting my own body and knowing the pleasure my body is capable of experiencing ,and also the knowledge of myself as a celestial body. 

The Hubble telescope has finally see galaxies of immeasurable beauty and in our hearts and in our minds, we long to engage. In this day and age, we have become even more disconnected from the reality of what actually is. Our bodies are a portal to another dimension. Our nervous system’s electrical strikes through synaptic skies, creates a chemical cascade in our body, that prepares our bodies for a relishing experience emotionally.

 ‘Moonbase’  will be a metaphor for the basis of the Reclaim the Night Movement. Lunar conditions of reduced gravity, extreme temperatures and toxic lunar dust could be used as a metaphor for the toxic experiences of sexual assault, sexual abuse and sexual harassment, inability to breathe. The loneliness. The struggle. The project will also look at Past and Present Reclaim the night movements.