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In an age where women’s eroticism is commodified and cheapened, CHANJE KUNDA found new ways to celebrate female eroticism. Superposition explored Science; Sensuality; Spirituality and Self … and how our bodies magically mirror the universe through a constellation of particles shimmering within us. This show was commissioned by the Lowry in 2017 and did a national tour in 2017/2018. It was the headline feature on BBC Entertainment News.


Chanje Kunda did what many people dream of but can’t quite bring themselves to do- she left her office, packed her suitcase and set off for a new life in Amsterdam. She moved from England to the Dutch city with her son after falling in love whilst on holiday in 2012. She has since turned the expereince into a capitvating stage show named after the city. The tale is a story of love, risk and liberation. The show was cmmissioned by Contact Theatre and toured the UK, Zimbabwe and Sounth Africa 2014- 2016.


“Cut and bleeding,eyes swollen. Fight when you think you can fight no longer.”

Blue Black Sister Presented was at The Royal Exchange Theatre in 2009
The show fused dramatic spoken word, music, photographic image and digital film. It took the audience on an emotionally charged journey exploring lived experience of gender based violence and the celebrated the strength and courage women have to overcome and liberate themselves from oppression. Conceived and presented by three sisters developing new approaches to multi media performance.