Creating a Climate for Healing

Creating A Climate for Healing

Following on from a British Council x Unlimited Micro- Award exploring artistic international partnerships between Africa and the Diaspora, UK based performance artist Chanje Kunda and Zambia based art director Serah Chule devised an independent project to explore site specific environmental actions in the performing arts. As survivors of trauma, our own healing is interlinked with that of mother earth. How can we empower ourselves in the fight against the climate crisis, as well as take care of our mental health.

Climate Crisis in Subsaharan Africa, fossil fuelled by the global North.

Droughts, dry rivers, water scarcity, global warming is not just talk.

Power blackouts because hydroelectric power stations don’t run on air.

Is anyone listening? Does anyone care?

We want to shine a light on the personhood of the land, the personhood of the rivers and oceans. They need protecting and have rights just like we do. We realise that water is the most precious commodity we have got. It is what differentiates our planet from any other. Water is life. With Global warming, coral reef are dying, sea levels are rising causing hurricanes and cyclones that are destroying lives. Forest fires are increasing and droughts are causing desertification of grasslands.

Using the black female body as a canvas for modern art, Chanje Kunda and Serah Chule are joining the movement for a better future. Their journey begins with a poetry, dance and art installation at CCA Gallery in Lusaka on 6th April 2024. Also they are exploring: can digital art be used to shift consciousness and drastically reduce industrial meat and dairy, and fossil fuel consumption in the global North, and to start a movement of re-forestation of our world. We are about to try