Celestial Bisexual

Celestial Bisexual is an out of this world multimedia exploration of bisexuality. This solo performance by bisexual baddie Chanje Kunda combines imagery captured by NASA’s advanced telescopes  projected in an arts space to combined with dance, movement & epic poetry that embodies female sexual empowerment from a queer bi/pan perspective alongside  championing work by Black, Disabled women. 

We all walk around like nothing utterly astounding is happening, when we are actually part of an astounding universe. In a society that often shames, cheapens and exploits female sexuality. I want to elevate it to something literally out of this world. I want to combine the movement vocabulary of erotic dance, with projections of celestial imagery and poetry that celebrates the B in LGBTQ+


‘This extraordinary production masterfully weaves together the wonders of the cosmos with the expressions of human experience in a way that is truly awe-inspiring. Through the artful combination of NASA’s mesmerising celestial imagery and the creative energy of an intimate arts space, “Celestial Bisexual” transports its audience into a realm where science and art coalesce in a stunning display of visual and emotional resonance.

…Dance, movement, and epic poetry elevates this performance to an immersive journey that embraces the essence of female sexual empowerment from a queer bi/pan perspective. Kunda intertwines the exploration of celestial bodies with the exploration of the human form, creating a powerful metaphor for the multifaceted nature of eros.’

Isobel Stainsbury, Manchester Pride