Public Art

Chanje can produce poetry to be displayed as public art.

Chanje was commissioned by LIME Art to collaborate with a visual artist Liam Curtain and create poetry and visual art to be displayed permanently at the brand new Hathersage Centre, part of Central Manchester Hospitals in 2009. The pictures below show both close ups of the art, and also wider shots for the Context. The poetry was designed to uplift and inspire patients and staff.

River to The Sea

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Neuro Corridor Exhibition, Central Manchester Hospitals

In 2010 Lime Arts commissioned writer in Residence Chanje Kunda to work with hospital staff to find inspirational words, phrases and stories from around the world. Chanje then worked with artists from four cultural groups to find visual expression to some of those findings. The outcome was this intriguing exhibition.

Chinese Calligraphy

Images: Left: Chinese Calligraphy by Mary Tang. Middle: Islamic Calligraphy by Rizwan Iqbal. Right: African batik by A.U. Chaba

The corridor is transformed and staff, patients and visitors hopefully will find some interest, joy and inspiration in the work. The artists are: Mary Tang (Chinese) whose traditional Chinese calligraphy spells out the words Fortune, Longevity, Health and Peaceful Mind, Rizwan Iqbal whose traditional Islamic calligraphy spells out the words Jamal (Beauty), Salam (Peace), Amal (Hope) and Mahabba (Love), A.U.Chaba who has portrayed a traditional and ancient African story about Queen Amina and her struggle for freedom and liberation. Steve Devine who made a series of photographs of objects that are used by Manchester Museum to tell stories from around the world.